Patrick Shiflett


Deputy Senior National Intelligence Officer (DSNIO) Patrick Shiflett is a senior analyst focused on China matters across the FBI. DSNIO Shiflett facilitates intelligence and information sharing across the FBI with US intelligence community and broader US Government, writes collaborative and original analysis focused on China, and briefs multiple audiences as a subject matter expert.

DSNIO Shiflett joined the FBI as an intelligence analyst for the WMD Directorate in 2010 at FBI Headquarters on strategic issues embedded in the Counterintelligence Division. DSNIO Shiflett became a manager for Counterintelligence Division in 2017 where he supervised written and oral finished strategic and tactical analysis for a wide range of consumers. Production from DSNIO Shiflett’s team in the Counterintelligence Division serves the analytic needs of the US intelligence community, FBI field offices, foreign partners, academia, and industry. Prior to joining the FBI, DSNIO Shiflett was a postdoctoral researcher with the US Airforce Research Laboratory focused on host-pathogen studies using Bacillus anthracis as a model system. DSNIO Shiflett acquired his PhD in Biomedical Sciences in 2008 from the University of New Mexico while he did research at Los Alamos National Laboratory studying the biology of Bacillus anthracis.