Zahra Hussaini


Zahra Hussaini is a senior Software Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Waymo, an autonomous driving technology company that started as Google’s Self-Driving Car Project. Her team, Waymo SRE, designs and builds reliable, scalable systems and mitigates service incidents and outages as they happen in real time. Although she doesn’t consider herself a physicist in her current role, she credits her physics education for teaching her the creative and analytical skills that have made her successful working in tech.

She earned BS degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Arizona State University in 2013. She started her career as a research assistant studying carbon nanotube nucleation and growth at the National Institute for Standards and Technology. There, she developed an affinity for data analysis and writing code, which eventually motivated her to make the jump from physics to tech. It took a few failures and a lot of persistence to secure her first tech job at Google. At Google she built out ground software for the Skysat constellation of high-resolution imaging satellites as a Software Engineer, and she kept Google Search up and running as a Search SRE. She joined Waymo SRE in 2020.