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Thank You

Thank you to the physics community leaders who made our 2023 event a success.

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The Annual Leadership Meeting brings together physics leaders to enhance their skills, network with peers, and shape the physics community's future. In 2023, this VIP event provided an opportunity to build meaningful connections and meet with fellow American Physical Society members.

At the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC, from January 24-27, 2023, top engaged members and scientific community leaders:

  • Connected with others who share your passion for advancing physics
  • Interacted with APS leadership and share best practices within focused workshops
  • Discussed critical and controversial topics around global challenges, policy, ethics and emerging technologies, and engaging the public

This year's ALM registration was complimentary but exclusive to invitees only, who were contacted directly by APS.


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Take a look at the Grand Hyatt Washington.

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