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Tutorial or Workshop

Learning Workshops: Engaging & Serving the International Community

Breakout groups within your cohort of peer leaders will meet in a solutions-oriented discussion.

  • Constitution AB/B Corridor (Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs, Board & Council)
  • Wilson / Roosevelt (Student Ambassadors & Chapter Officers)

Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs, Board & Council

How can units and APS at large engage with the international community? Best practices and ongoing activity share from specific units, committees

  • Location: Constitution CDE/C Corridor
  • Moderator: Jerry Blazey, chair, Committee on International Scientific Affairs


  • Sachin Bharadwaj, past chair, FGSA
  • Talat Rahmin, chair, DCOMP
  • Geoffry Vallis, vice chair, GPC
  • Patty McBride, chair, FIP & chair of the Welcoming Global Hub (WGH) Roadmap Strategy

Student Ambassadors & Chapter Officers

What does engaging internationally mean? What do you as students and early career folks look for in support? How can you support each other?

  • Location: Wilson/Roosevelt

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Make connections with fellow leaders and shape the future of physics around the globe.


Attend events in an iconic downtown Washington, DC, hotel.

Code of Conduct

APS strives to foster a welcoming and inclusive event.